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Created for the heavy-duty demands of large offshore boats, the 5.3 litre Yamaha F350 is a true technological pioneer. This 4-stroke V8 is the world's largest displacement outboard, combining unique levels of power and torque with the refined performance required by today's sophisticated hull designs. 
Yamaha's EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) delivers smooth performance and maximum fuel efficiency across the power band - and despite its size and power, Yamaha's weight-saving technologies have made the F350 surprisingly light and compact too. 
With the PrimeStart™ system, starting is as easy as in your car – and digital drive-by-wire technology keeps you in precise control. 
5.3 litre 60º V8, DOHC with VCT 
This powerful V8 engine incorporates a sophisticated EFI system, lightweight forged pistons and 4 over-sized valves per cylinder. Thanks to the special Dual Battery Charging System – which charges two batteries simultaneously – you’ll always have plenty of power to start the engine, even after long periods of idling at low RPM. 
Compact and light - despite its power 
Yamaha's ongoing weight-saving programme has delivered an innovative in-bank exhaust system in which the manifold is integrated into the cylinder head. Along with other weight-saving technologies and materials, this has created a surprisingly compact, light engine design – without compromising efficiency and performance. 
Digital Network II 
Boaters today expect clear, accurate engine data – and the new Multifunction Colour Gauge delivers. Only compatible with Yamaha’s new rigging system, its 5-inch full colour, high-resolution LCD can be configured to display multiple combinations of information. There’s even a special screen that can be set to monitor the Variable Trolling RPM mode. 
Variable Camshaft Timing (VCT) 
VCT precisely regulates the timing of camshaft intake, increasing combustion efficiency across all RPM ranges. Precise valve control delivers maximum torque, especially in the 2000-3500 RPM range, allowing large boats to get onto the plane easily – and get away fast. 
Micro-computer ECM (Engine Control Module) 
A reliable micro-computer is the 'brain' of your engine. By constantly monitoring all data inputs and settings, it helps ensure smooth running and optimised ignition timings – as well as activating warning and protection systems. A handy computer access port lets authorised Yamaha dealers easily diagnose any problems. 
Counter-rotating propeller model 
A standard twin-engine installation (with both propellers turning clockwise) pulls the boat towards the port side, making steering difficult, especially at higher speeds. The F350 is available with a counter-rotating propeller, offering perfect ‘neutral helm’ control when fitted alongside a standard model. 
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