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For exceptional power and acceleration, the clean, quiet, smooth, EFI-equipped F200 is hard to beat. Add economy and reliable all-round performance to its talents and you have the perfect choice. 
Yamaha’s unique, fuel-efficient EFI system, micro-processor ECU, Variable Camshaft Timing, clean-burn technology and noise reduction systems all work seamlessly together - and what's more, the sophisticated diagnostic system shows engine and performance data via computer link, so maintenance is quick and simple. 
Like all our EFI engines, the F200 can be linked to Yamaha's exclusive network system, which means you can choose from our wide range of digital gauges and instruments. 
2.8 litre DOHC 4-cylinder with 16 valves and EFI 
A well proven, thoroughbred engine design featuring double overhead camshafts (DOHC), 4 valves per cylinder, variable camshaft timing (VCT) and EFI - for excellent combustion efficiency across the RPM range. This combination of advanced technologies delivers exceptional horsepower-per-litre with a high power-to-weight ratio. 
Special offset crankshaft delivers a compact design 
We designed the F200 to be an ultra-compact engine and its special offset crankshaft and gear-driven balance shafts are just two of the technical advantages our engineers used to help them achieve that aim. They made the F200 exceptionlly quiet too, by using a labyrinth exhaust system, with a water-sealed outer wall. 
Large, computer-controlled single throttle valve 
To help maintain its remarkable levels of economy and performance, the F200 has a large single throttle valve to feed exactly the right amount of air to the engine. Sensors around the engine feed data to the computer ECU, which monitors the combustion process and controls the throttle and EFI system with absolute precision. 
Electronic ‘drive-by-wire’ throttle and shift (F200G only) 
While offering the driver precise control, the optional Digital Network System also controls engine RPM for trolling - and automatically synchronises engines in twin or triple installations. Our Premium multi-function display gauge with its 5" LCD colour screen is another very attractive option for the F200G model. 
Digital Network Gauges (optional) 
All our EFI engines can be linked, via Yamaha's own network system, to a wide range of digital instruments - to help you get the best from your engine. A multi-function tachometer displays RPM, engine hours, trim angle, oil pressure and warning lamps. The combined Speed & Fuel Management gauge shows speed, fuel tank level and economy data. 
Micro-processor ECM (Engine Control Module) 
Our reliable micro-processor is the intelligent 'brain' of your engine. It constantly monitors all data inputs and settings to ensure optimised combustion and smooth running, as well as activating warning and protection systems automatically. An authorised Yamaha dealer can easily diagnose any problems via the handy access port. 
SDS (Shift Dampening System) 
First introduced for our larger V8 and V6 models, Yamaha's patented Shift Dampener System (SDS) is a great feature that significantly reduces the 'clunk' sound normally associated with moving between gears. A splined rubber hub and aft washer absorb noise and vibration, in a carefully engineered solution that gives smoother, quieter gear shifts. 
Exclusive engine immobiliser/security system (Y-COP) 
Our unique security system, Y-COP (Yamaha Customer Outboard Protection) ensures peace-of-mind for all F200 owners. An electronic immobiliser, together with an integral anti-tamper function, ensures that your engine is safe and secure when you're not using it - all it takes is the touch of a button on the remote key-fob. 
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